AdJunk Content Blocker

get ready for a new browsing experience. Ads-free and lightning fast!

welcome to AdJunk

Tired of adverts? Let them head to the junk!

Works Out of The Box

AdJunk is the simplicity itself. No complex configuration needed. Just enable and forget! We did all the hard work for you!

5x Speed, 50% Less Data

AdJunk blocks the ads before they are downloaded by your browser. This tremendously speeds up page load times up to 5x and saves about 50% of your Cellular and Wi-Fi usage when browsing!

Hundreds of Built-in Filters

AdJunk includes hundreds of professionally hand-crafted content blocking rules to keep ads away from you. Our expert team is continously working on the blocking algorithms to provide you the best browsing experience!

A New Web Experience

Pages loaded without ads will leave more space for real content on your mobile screen. A whole new browsing experience awaits you!

Why AdJunk?

There are a lot of content blockers out there with bells and whistles. Why AdJunk?

  • Ultimate Privacy

    We believe in privacy on the web and stop tracking scripts completely. AdJunk also respects your privacy by not intercepting, recording or sharing any of your web traffic for any reason possible!

  • Continous Support

    Most of the content blockers out there are released by individuals or use public unmanaged block lists just to release the application before the hype ends. AdJunk has a professional software company behind it. AdJunk's blocklists are all hand-crafted and continously being maintained and tested by our expert team. New advertisement methods show up everyday and we are working around the clock to catch them up for you.

  • Only see what you want

    Adverts clutter the screen and steals away precious space when browsing with mobile devices. In a screen full of ads, it gets really hard to read the real content. AdJunk stops the ads and gives you back that space! Now you will only see what you wanted to and access the information quicker than ever.

  • Way too easy

    No configuration, no switches, no options, nothing at all. We did it all for you, just enjoy it immediately! Install, enable and that's it!

  • Improved Battery Life

    By stopping the load process of ads and scripts, AdJunk provides increased battery life when browsing the internet!

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